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A Home Inspection is a professional, complete visual examination of all the readily accessible systems and physical structural elements of a home. The purpose is to identify and report on any existing major problems.

A Home Inspection is neither a guarantee that nothing will go wrong with a house, nor an insurance policy that will cover any problems that may develop. The Home Inspection is designed to minimize your risk, not eliminate it.

I will never advise you whether or not to purchase the property. The Home Inspection report is just one of the factors you should consider when making your final decision.

House Inspection

C.H.I. Home Inspection Services

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection – It makes good sense to know what you are buying.

The acquisition of a property can be stressful, sometimes involving considerable uncertainty, and often with time constraints on the decision making process. A complete Home Inspection of the property removes a number of the unknowns and greatly increases the chances of a successful purchase.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection – Have your home inspected BEFORE listing it. Home inspections have traditionally been for the benefit of the purchaser. Pre-inspected listings are becoming much more common. These benefit all parties — purchasers, vendors and realtors.

Pre-Renovation Home Inspection – Inspect Before You Renovate or Repair Your Home.
The time has finally come. Your cramped kitchen and dining room is making way for the state-of-the-art dining and entertaining centre. But first, that wall has to come out. Is it load bearing? What about the electrical service – can it handle the Subzero fridge?

The best person to answer these questions is a Home Inspector.

A professional building inspection by a qualified home inspector like C.H.I. Home Inspections can help you separate the NEEDS from the WANTS. While it may seem like an odd call to make, hiring a qualified Home Inspector to check out the house systems before you start ripping things apart makes sense.

SPOT Inspection – For when a full inspection is not necessary.
I can customize this service and pricing to accommodate your needs.

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