I contracted Mr. Keveryga

I contracted Mr. Keveryga to provide a house inspection as part of a potential home purchase. Mr. Keveryga came highly recommended by the realtor and his performance did not disappoint. Over the course of five hours, I watched Mr. Keveryga conduct an extremely thorough and detailed evaluation of the property which covered all aspects exterior to interior including all structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation, roofing, siding, insulation, glazing maintenance and operability elements. At all times, Mr. Keveryga was professional, approachable, candid, and good natured. Mr. Keveryga was happy to answer any and all questions I had and provided detailed explanations to larger issues. Mr. Keveryga displayed ethical judgment and action in diagnosing and reporting non-permitted work and potentially unsafe conditions. Mr. Keveryga also displayed professionalism and ethics by providing options but refraining from giving direction when asked questions that presented a conflict of interest to himself, his clients, or other stakeholders. Mr. Keveryga used many of the latest hi-technology tools but also used a great deal of common sense, experience and genuine hard work to perform the inspection. During the course of the five-hour inspection Mr. Keveryga neither rushed nor took any breaks but worked thoroughly, consistently and patiently through each facet of the inspection. At the completion of the inspection, Mr.Keveryga provided an oral summary of the inspection and within twenty four hours also provided a concise 93 page written summary replete with photo-imagery of existing conditions, explanations of work that needs to be done and potential consequences of not doing the work, schematics and drawings of the correct or ideal solutions, and internet hyperlinks to a veritable encyclopedia of pertinent standards, codes and installation details. On top of all that, Cliff is just a great guy. Without any hesitation I would highly recommend Calgary Home Inspections to anyone looking for this type of work.