Cold Weather vacation Tips


I think many people in Calgary are looking for a break from the bitter cold…..are your bags packed????

What most people don’t know, is that you’ve made a promise to your insurer – that you will do certain things in the event you leave home for four or more days.
In essence, if you will be away for more than four days, you need to take some steps to ensure your insurance policy remains in force.

Here are some helpful tips:

– Forward your mail and stop newspaper delivery.
– Ask a trusted neighbor, relative or hire an agency to check on your home on a daily basis. I always leave a calendar sheet on the counter and have them initial each day – to prove they were actually there. Ask them to walk all the floors quickly to ensure all in order – with special focus on entry points, furnace and hot water tank. They can remove flyers and other items that may have been left at your door as well.
– Arrange for someone to proactively clear snow from your driveway and walkways.
– Turn on your alarm systems and motion-activated lights and set interior lights on timers.
– Secure valuables that you are not taking with you in a safe deposit box or other secure location.
– Shut off water to dishwashers and clothes washing machines (individual shut off valves).
– Set the temperature to a minimum – but leave the furnace running to prevent all pipes from freezing.
– Unplug all appliances and phones.
– Clean the home thoroughly before you leave, check for potential openings and remove all open food to discourage pests.
– Arrange for a trusted relative, neighbor or friend – to be available and have access to your house (and your travel plans) – in case of emergency.